About us

Claimbrand.com is a solution to securing, and protecting your business name, product and brand name.

We comb up to 300 websites for name availability, and then help you secure your name and/or key-phrase. And, with the purchase of our Brand Identity Program, you have the benefit of ongoing brand protection. We determine, through advanced statistical Internet activity data which sites are trending highest; this technology allows you to determine which sites you should invest in branding your business on. Our database of sites is constantly updated, so you can be assured that you will never be playing catch up in the social media arena.

At claimbrand.com, we take the intellectual property of our client’s seriously. So our clients sensitive business information is stored on our secure sites. Contact us or sign-up today, and allow our dedicated team help you protect your brand’s identity.

How we work

Claimbrand helps you research your brand's presence on major social media websites by using the free username search tool. You can check out the comprehensive list of all leading social network websites. Our Brand protection specialists can help you design your brand campaign on specific social networking websites before placing your order. Once we receive your order, we begin by opening a secure email account which will be used to register your brand on social media sites. We then register your brand with the top social networking sites by filling in information provided (Brand name, description, logo, contact info... etc). We then verify and test all registered accounts and pages. After testing is done, we deliver the completion report which contains usernames and passwords used on each social media website.

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