Privacy Policy

At Claimbrand, we respect all visitor and customer information and keep it secure and confidential. Apart from sharing your profile as you had specified with relevant and workable social media platforms, we do not give out any other pertinent information to any other websites or third parties.

Also, Claimbrand does not store information on username lookups or site searches for any customers or visitors. Our database servers are already loaded and we use it for more efficient purposes than to store such irrelevant information. Also, Claimbrand does not believe in setting cookies or using them in any manner whatsoever.

Claimbrand uses only tracking scripts that are specified and provided by web analytics providers like Google Analytics. The information gleaned from such tracking scripts are used for our own marketing purposes and analysis of web traffic and sources.

All information relating your profile is securely stored in our database servers and is only transparent to our entry experts and no one else. Such entry experts are under a strict binding agreement where they need to delete all information once used for sign up and entered into the database.

Again, data storage is available for only those who have subscribed for our services. No data relating to casual visitors is stored in any manner. Data is stored in encrypted servers and is retrieved only when we feel that your signing up with a social media platform just discovered would benefit you. The relevant data is then entered and then deleted after securely storing them in the database. However, to keep everything safe at both levels, our recommendation is to change your social media passwords once you get a confirmation of the signup.

All data is used only for signing up purposes and for no other reasons. The data stored is not shared with any other websites or third parties and is never used for reselling or leasing in any manner whatsoever.

Since, Claimbrand operates out of United States of America, our customers services are also based here and will never be outsourced elsewhere. Thus, all sensitive business information pertinent to you is stored in our US secure servers only.

Email Policy

Tracking performance of our own email campaigns is of paramount importance to us and we use open tracking to achieve this. When you sign up or opt-in for receiving our emails, an open tracker is added to each of these emails. To explain better, an open tracker comes in the form of a small graphic at the end of each email which is embedded. This helps us to understand if the email has been opened and if any links have been clicked upon.

Once the email campaign is over, the data is securely archived and stored and is not given out for any purposes apart from our own analysis.