Terms of Service

By using Claimbrand.com (hereinafter called the “website”) you are bound by these terms of use and it is deemed that you have read and understood and agreed to abide by the same. You are not authorized to use this site, if you do not agree to these terms of use fully. The use of this site including its textual content, graphics, information, software or any other content is governed by these terms and all ownership and intellectual rights pertaining to the same belong to Claimbrand.com. All services offered by Claimbrand through this site are offered at its own discretion and it accepts no liability as to closure of certain services or opening of new ones as time progresses.

The use of Claimbrand.com for your purposes automatically forms a legal and a binding agreement between you and the website subject to these terms. As a part of its upgradation or revision, Claimbrand reserves the right to block or stop (temporarily or permanently) any or all of the services to you or to a set of users at its sole discretion without giving out any prior notice to you or anyone else. You also agree by using the website that all information given by you to Claimbrand during the registration process or to keep your subscriptions active are accurate and updated as on the date.

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Access to websites

The purchase/lease and maintenance of all equipment required using the services and access the website is your responsibility. Additionally, the responsibility of keeping the registration information confidential is yours and all activities that occur under your password is entirely your responsibility. Under these terms, you also agree to notify Claimbrand instantly of any kind of unauthorized use or breach of security at your end arising out of the loss of access credentials (password) or any other kind related to Claimbrand website. Claimbrand will reserve the right of asking you to change the access credentials at any time if it believes that there has been a breach of security at your end.

Prohibited uses

Under these terms of use, you agree to ensure that the website is not used in a manner that (a)violates any international, national, foreign, state or local rule, regulation, statute, treaty, order or any other law; (b) to use the website to harass, stalk or harm any other person(s); (c) to try and impersonate any entity or person or misrepresent any affiliation with an entity or person; or (d) to hack or interfere with an intention to disrupt Claimbrand’s services offered through its servers or websites or other networks that make use of Claimbrand. By these terms of use, you also agree not to (1) use any bots, robots, data mining tools or similar with respect to Claimbrand website(s); or (2) to attempt and gain any kind of unauthorized access to complete or any small or big portion of website(s), computers or networks connected to Claimbrand by any means.

Termination of services

Claimbrand reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or change your registration information, or access to, part or all of Claimbrand website(s), at any time without notice or reason. Similarly, you can choose to discontinue your participation and/or access to the Claimbrand website(s) whenever you choose to. In the event that you breach any Terms of Use, your permission/authorization granted to use Claimbrand website(s) is terminated automatically and in such an event, you agree to destroy any printed or downloaded content or copies thereof obtained from Claimbrand website(s) without any delay.

Limitation of Liability

In no event or circumstances will any of Claimbrand parties be liable towards any special, indirect, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages in any manner whatsoever arising out of any efforts that include loss of profits, revenues, goodwill, interruption of business or any other intangible losses that may arise out of the use of Claimbrand website(s) even if such damages arise out of contract, tort, warranty or any other legal theories despite Claimbrand being advised of such possible damages. Applicable laws of United States of America and international laws will prevail in such instances.

Modifications/Changes to Websites

Claimbrand will always reserve the right to suspend, discontinue or modify any of its website(s) at any time without any prior notice to any party or entity.

Third Party Links

Links on Claimbrand website(s) may redirect to third-party sites. Such third party links are kept on the website solely with your convenience in mind. By using these links you will be leaving Claimbrand website(s) and Claimbrand thus is not under obligation to review such external websites, does not exercise any sort of control over such websites, and cannot be held liable for any content (all kinds) on such websites. Claimbrand does not make any representations or endorse such 3rd party websites. In the event that you decide to access these websites linked from Claimbrand website(s), you will be doing so at your own risk.

Changes to Terms of Use

Claimbrand may at any point of time make changes to these terms of use at its absolute and sole discretion. Claimbrand will advise the user of such changes on applicable website(s). If there are any objection to such changes, you only recourse would be to stop using Claimbrand website(s). Your continued visits and use would implicate that you agree to such changes as and when effected.

Conditions of use

Claimbrand is a service that helps you to automatically signup for popular websites with the sole purpose of improving your internet marketing efforts and enabling you to create branded user/account names on high traffic portals.
Claimbrand thus reserves the right to accept or reject brand names at its own discretion. The reasons could vary from copyright issues to the name being branded as spam. Some examples would be “BuyViagra”, “PenisGrow” and so on. All brand names are properly scrutinized and reviewed before being accepted for processing.

You will need to certify that the brand name that you are specifying is owned by you in toto and the IP is also under ownership or lease to you. Pending such verification, processing of brand names may be kept on hold.

Claimbrand cannot be held responsible or liable if your account is terminated without specifying any reason. This can happen when you abuse the terms of use or conditions of use willfully or accidentally or in cases of spam, abuse or not following the community guidelines.

The processing of brand names for creation of user accounts across popular sites is subject to their terms of use. If it is found that certain websites require more information than we give out regarding a customer, we may refrain, hold or stop temporarily or permanently access to such websites. For example, since facebook requires 25 fans or a unique phone number to capture a vanity URL of a fan page or a personal page respectively, we do not support it. Our service is limited to creating accounts by signing up and does not extend to giving further services on such platforms.

We recommend that all sites signed up for need a change of password once we are done with them to ensure strict privacy to you.